Where to Find an Apartment in North Dallas

North Dallas is known as one of the most expensive areas in Dallas, Texas. The area includes many neighborhoods and communities. The term used to describe the area is also often used when someone is talking about a suburb or exurb north of Dallas. The North Dallas is one of the areas in Texas where anyone would want to live, as it is peaceful, quite and very, very rich. The apartments in north Dallas TX are quite pricey, but they are, however, more affordable than houses. However, if you choose to move there, which are the neighborhoods you should look into?

There are many great neighborhoods in North Dallas. In fact, there are not any areas with “bad reputation” in this part of Texas, but the neighborhoods differ one from another, so you must choose the best one for you. However, here is a list of some of the nicest neighborhoods there you should really look into:

The Elem Ticket Neighborhood – This area is located in northwest Dallas and is very close to the Love Field neighborhood. The area can be also called North Park. You will find here great single-family homes made out of brick, but apartment complexes as well. The neighborhood is usually occupied by nice, friendly middle-class families. The neighborhood has a rough history behind it, as it was a racial tense area for a while, during the 1960s, but is now one of the best places to live in North Dallas.

The Park Forest Neighborhood – This area is located in the northwest Dallas and was built somewhere in the late 1950s. It is a residential community that is close to LBJ Freeway and Cromwell. This is one of the modern neighborhoods in North Dallas with beautiful, edgy homes and great apartment complexes where you can find all the luxury you need.

The Bluffview Neighborhood – This is one of the most popular neighborhoods in North Dallas, as it is an upscale area very close to Lovers Lane. The neighborhood was developed in 1924, but it has become more popular in the 1960s. The upscale neighborhood has some great schools, such as the “Benjamin Franklin Middle School” and also some great properties. Apartments here are usually found in apartment complexes that have all the amenities you need.

The Hamilton Park Neighborhood – The neighborhood located in North Dallas is named after Dr. Richard Hamilton, a black leader. It is close to Lake Highlands and is one of the nicest and peaceful neighborhoods in the North Dallas. It has a great shopping center, many facilities and it is quite easy to find an apartment in this area. Plus, the outdoor settings are amazing!

These are only some of the best options to live in North Dallas. There are many great apartments to be found in this great area, all you have to do is check out the neighborhoods and find the best one for you.