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North Beach Redevelopment plan still in the works

Extra road BEFORE Beach Ave with the 1.5 Beachwalk still in place
Extra road AFTER Beach Ave. with a canal in the middle of North Beach

The North Beach Revitalization Plan is still in progress of what’s to come to help revamp the North Beach area.

With the Harbor Bridge Project taking place, this causes changes to the North Beach redevelopment plan. Right now, Gateway Planning, a Dallas company, the City of Corpus Christi and the North Beach community have been working together to come up with a few redevelopment plans.

The two plans as of now; Alternative 1, there will be exiting to Beach Ave from the bridge no matter what. In this graphic developers plan to create a road BEFORE Beach Ave with extra eco-tourism on the North side of the beach. This will also help keep that newly built beachwalk in place.

As for Alternative 2, there will be an extra road AFTER Beach Ave, as well as a huge canal built right in the middle of North Beach, which would distrupt that newly built beachwalk.

There has been split opinions of the canal as well as what will happen with the exit at Beach Ave.

Carrie Robertson Meyer, President of North Beach Communication Association, has been working hard to bring development into this community. "The people who actually live here who want good streets, and sidewalks, and maybe a pier, a fishing pier for the public to enjoy, those are things that we’ve been working for…We’ll have two-thirds more traffic up there, because right now, Beach Ave, very few people go up there. Most people are exiting Burleson to get to the Aquarium and the Lexington. That’s going to change and so that’s why the city’s taking a look at that and making plans for how to make that a better way to get off the bridge."

There is a possibility of a new plan to be developed and proposed during the Open House that will take place Thursday, February 15th. It will be at Fajitaville from 12 p.m.- 6 p.m.

The public is encouraged to attend to see the new plan and express any opinions having to do with the revitalization plan.

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